Water Conservation

Mandatory Statewide Water Use Restrictions
On April 1, 2015 Governor Brown issued California's first mandatory statewide water restrictions aimed at achieving a reduction of potable urban water use of at least 25% based on 2013 consumption.

City's Water Conservation Measures

Local Conservation Measures

Water Use Restrictions Enforcement

Reporting Water Loss

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Watering of Public Landscaped Areas

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About the Walnut Valley Water District

Local Conservation Measures
effective August 5, 2016 and until further notice

Toward meeting Governor Brown's mandate, the Water District Board of Directors has adopted Stage 1 of its Water Supply Shortage Ordinance which limits watering hours, prohibits the use of potable water for ornamental or recreational purposes, and requires the prompt repair of water system malfunctions. Click HERE to open to the District's complete list of Stage 1 watering restrictions.

City's Water Conservation Efforts
The City has implemented the following conservation measures:

  • Reduced City facility water use by more than 50%
  • Turned off irrigation to all median turf areas
  • Reduced watering of landscaping to only 3 days per week - medians and adjacent roadways, parks, and other City facilities.
  • Restricted watering to the hours of 5:00 p.m. and 8:00 a.m.
  • Using solar-powered drip irrigation at Pantera Dog Park
  • Washing City fleet vehicles only as needed.
  • Planting drought-tolerant landscaping/plants in the vicinity of the Diamond Bar Center and along Grand Avenue

Water Use Restrictions Enforcement
Water waste related concerns should be reported to the Walnut Valley Water District by calling 909.348.8228, sending an email to savewater@wvwd.com or using the “REPORT WATER WASTE” link on the Water District homepage www.wvwd.com. Please be ready to provide information regarding the incident, including the date of observation, the address or location and a description. Your name and contact information is optional and will be kept confidential.

Reporting Water Loss
Help prevent accidental water loss by reporting malfunctions in the city’s irrigation system. Broken sprinkler heads, stuck irrigation valves or other watering irregularities within public right-of-ways may be reported to the City’s Public Works Department by calling 909.839.7060.

Public Landscaped Areas
The City of Diamond Bar is also complying with the District's watering restrictions, and has decreased the number of days parks and medians are watered. Please note, many of the city's medians are irrigated with non-potable (recycled) water, and therefore are not subject to the watering restrictions.

Grass Removal and Replacement Information
Residents installing drought tolerant landscaping must ensure that the City tree is irrigated, preferably with a bubbler or drip irrigation.  Any work in the public right of way will require an encroachment permit from the City’s Public Works Department.  Permits may be required by the City’s Building and Safety Division for any plumbing and/or electrical work.  If you have any questions prior to starting a project, please visit City Hall (21810 Copley Drive) during business hours or call 909.839.7000.

For installation of artificial turf, residents are required to do the following:

  • Submit a detailed site plan showing the location of the proposed artificial turf and all other landscaped and hardscaped areas within the front yard and public right-of-way.
  • Sample of the artificial turf or manufacture brochure.  Turf should resemble lifelike blades of grass with a minimum pile height of 1 ¾ inch.
  • Provide installation specifications.
  • Self-certification form stating that the artificial turf is to be installed to comply with drainage requirements as specified by Public Works.
  • Refer to the Artificial Turf Submittal Checklist (PDF) and Self-Certification Form (PDF) for additional information.

Rebates Information (Links)

City’s Environmental Services Division
909.839.7015 /  greenDB@diamondbarca.gov


Walnut Valley Water District Overview
Formed on July 10, 1952, the Walnut Valley Water District (WVWD) encompasses an area of approximately 29 square miles with over 26,000 service connections serving nearly 100,000 multi-use customers in six communities. The District's present service area includes all of the city of Diamond Bar, portions of the cities of Industry, Pomona, Walnut, and West Covina, and the easterly section of the unincorporated area of Rowland Heights.