Reporting Suspicious Activity

Should you witness an individual committing a crime or behaving in a suspicious manner, do not attempt to confront them. Doing so may put your safety at risk. Instead call one of the following agencies:

  • Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department
    contributes to a safe environment for residents, employees and visitors by protecting persons and property

    Report: suspicious individuals, behavior or activities that may be related to criminal activity such as: 
    • burglaries
    • thefts
    • drunk driving

Contact: 909.595.2264 (9-1-1 if the incident is in progress)

  • Inland Valley Humane Society & SPCA
    provides animal care and control services, including sheltering and caring for stray animals that are lost, abandoned and homeless, and helps prevent animal cruelty

    Report: suspected incidents of animal cruelty such as:
    • organized animal fighting
    • animal hoarding
    • animals lacking necessary food, water and/or shelter
    • physically abused or beaten animals
    • verbal or written threats to injure, steal or kill an animal

Contact: 909.623.9777 or 909.594.9858 (after-hours emergency service)

  • Homeland Security
    works to prevent terrorism and enhance security, secure and manage U.S. borders, enforce and administer U.S. immigration laws, safeguard and secure cyberspace, and ensure resilience to disasters

    Report: threats to national security, economic security and public safety such as:
    • security emergency or terrorist incidents
    • emergencies in federal buildings
    • spills or discharges into the environment (oil, chemical, radiological, biological, etiological)
    • suspected violations of criminal law involving the illegal movement of people and goods, such as child exploitation, human trafficking and birth tourism (maternity hotels)

Contact: 866.347.2423 (Tip Line available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week) If the suspicious activity is related to a life-threatening emergency in progress in a federal building, call 877.437.7411.