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Brush Clearance Season

(Diamond Bar, CA, May 1, 2017) – Homeowners whose property is located on or near a hillside are reminded that the County of Los Angeles Fire Department has begun conducting its annual brush clearance inspections.

Created to help protect lives and structures from potential wildfires, the Brush Clearance Program is a joint effort between the County of Los Angeles Fire Department and the County of Los Angeles Department of Agricultural Commissioner/Weights and Measures, Weed Hazard and Pest Abatement Bureau (Weed Abatement Division).

The program enforces Brush Clearance requirements as required by State law and outlined in the Fire Code. A major component of these requirements is the creation of Defensible Space, which involves hazardous vegetation management and brush clearance from a 100-foot perimeter around homes in High Hazard areas, and up to 200 feet in Extra Hazard areas for effective fire protection. Properties found not in compliance with the County's brush clearance requirements at the time of inspection will be issued a correction notice requiring immediate compliance.

The goal of Defensible Space is to reduce the chance of homes being destroyed by wildfire - either from direct flame contact or radiant heat - by creating a buffer between properties and native brush or ornamental landscape to slow or stop the spread of wildfire and provide a safe area for firefighters to operate in while battling a wildfire.

Clearing dead or dying palm fronds from trees, maintaining ground cover at a maximum height of 18 inches, removing any vines or climbing plants from any structure, and pruning back trees to provide a five-foot minimum separation from the roof are some of the steps that should be taken to prepare properties for the greatest chance of wildfire survival.

For additional tips and guidelines to properly prepare your property to pass the upcoming brush clearance inspection, visit and download your copies of the County Fire Department's wildfire action plan and supplemental brochure. You may also call the Office of Public Affairs at 323.881.2411.